Watching movies can be good for your health

It just depends what kind of movies you are watching. For instance, if you are squeamish and do not enjoy gratuitous scenes of violence all purportedly in the name of culture and art, you may not enjoy the all time classic gangster trilogy that is the Godfather series. You may be better off watching movies where scenic country sides unfold through scene after scene of the film’s reel. But, of course, if you get a thrill a minute from the gangster genre, amongst others, then this thrill a minute type of movie helps you to release all the stress from your busy day.

If you are depressively ill, to put it bluntly, then you need to be a lot more careful than others when deciding what movies or TV shows to watch. Even a show billed as a family drama needs to be carefully discerned. The thing about watching movies or TV shows is that it can take just one scene to upset you and put you back in your depressive state. This is an ongoing challenge for those who are suffering from above average and higher than normal levels of stress and anxiety.

But to forget the movies for a moment, and to take out the hazardous work of looking for something worthwhile to watch, there are always books. One book after another can be paged through on a night that would normally be devoted to watching TV. In fact, it can be very much like watching a TV network channel. To stave off boredom and to keep the spirits up, read six to eight pages at a time and then turn the distracted mind to another book.

But if it is a real page turner, keep calm and just carry on then.