The Help I Got From Weedinmypocket

When I finally got interviewed for a job I had wanted for a very long time, I was extremely excited when they said that they were going to hire me.  Then, of course, I was told that I would need to pass a drug test as the final step in the hiring process.  This was something that frightened me to no end, as I had just smoked some weed a few days prior to that.  Knowing that I was likely to fail a drug test, thus losing such a great opportunity with a  job I had wanted for a very long time, I began scrambling in order to see what I could possibly do in order to pass the test and get the job.  I began searching on the internet, and I found a site called weedinmypocket.  I was immediately impressed by all of the information that was made available on the site, and so I thought maybe there was hope for me to pass the test, after all.

    By looking at this site, I found out that THC is stored in your body fat, and that is why it can stay in your urine for 30 days or so after you have smoked, particularly if you smoke on a regular basis.  I also looked at the different methods that the writer of the site had employed in the past in order to pass his own tests.  I was impressed by the fact that he had said that he had passed 19 different tests in the past, and that was something that gave me a little bit of extra hope.  If these methods had worked for him, there was at least a chance that they would work for me and that I would be able to pass the test and begin to work at my dream job.

    I went ahead and purchased one of the products that was recommended on the site, followed the directions in order to make sure that I did everything properly, and then I was on my way to take my drug test.  I was certainly nervous, as I knew that there was no real guarantee that the product was going to work for me, but I was also slightly optimistic simply because the product had worked for the author of this web page in the past.  I was also optimistic because I knew that I had followed the directions properly, so I was holding out hope that I would be able to pass it.


    Well, the results came back negative, which meant that I passed the test, and I am now getting ready to start my new job on Monday.  I am very glad that I found this page, as it helped me to get past this drug test and get a huge raise compared to my old job.  This site literally helped me to make more money than I did before, so I owe quite a bit to it.