How to choose the best beach umbrella for wind


Here is a tip or two for you. But there will be no tricks and this is an opportunity to give yourself a good treat. A right, royal blast, if you will, depending on which side of the globe you hail from. Or depending which way the wind blows and, well, just how hard it seems to blow at the most inopportune times. One of those rather unfortunate occasions is the off chance that you can gather your family, even the dog, into the back of your truck and head off to the beach. You planned the day so well. You packed a really good food hamper, and you never forgot the beach towels and, yes, you guessed right, the traditional beach umbrella.

Yes, you needed this, because it was usually blazing hot out in the sun. Not quite weathering the storm but at least you could shelter yourself and your brood under that big heavy and wide umbrella. There was even space for the dog. Getting him to sit still was another matter, then again, given all the excitement about him. And, of course, you never forgot the buckets and spades and beach balls and bats for the kids. Well, how could you, they were always reminding you, weren’t they. And if you didn’t have these, you’d best head off to the mart to buy it.

best beach umbrella for wind

Otherwise more painful pestering from the kids, and maybe even some howling (for fun, mostly) from the family dog. At the height of summer, there are no storms brewing, but sometimes you really have had to batten down the hatches because, guess what, the wind, the ghastly, howling wind arrived unexpectedly and rather inconveniently, and the first thing it did, apart from perennially blowing sand in your face, was toss off your cherished umbrella. Well, no more. Time to take a stand. And do get it right this time.

And these are the thoughtful tips for picking out the best beach umbrella for wind today. You start your next shopping excursion on the internet; leave the mart behind this time. Just one simple keyword search leads you off on a tangent towards some of the best available or marketed beach umbrellas primed for dealing with the strong wind. And it is no longer just about a strong gust of wind, even a natural breeze, right out of the blue of the sky, will toss your umbrella over. Because of the way umbrellas are built and shaped, the umbrella can roll over and away for quite a few meters, pole and all, before you can haul it in again.

Do read through as many reviews as possible, taking special note of the standout features to do with dealing with the wind. Not only that, but long-lasting and rust proof materials as well. And by all means, do preoccupy yourself with price. In any case, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a decent beach umbrella that can match the wind.